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Antique French Iron Base Table With Stone Top Circa 1890

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An antique table fitting for garden side or patio. At over 100 years old there is simply nothing modern that can offer the range of beauty found in this French garden table crafted circa 1890. The smooth stone table top has a wonderful marbling of light and cool grey rounded rock. The iron base is constructed of three iron legs with a sleek tapered design curving inward into decorative spirals at the feet. A circular support bar holds the feet at a stabilizing distance at the bottom and another one is used at the top to hold up the stone table top. The design and craftsmanship of the iron base is the product of centuries old tradition of French iron work and style, lending an incomparable historical perspective. A chic patina quality is apparent on the iron base, where an aged ocean blue paint is naturally chipping away to show a brilliant shade of green. When stepping back and taking the table in as a whole, the colors blend reminiscently of a view of the earth. Blue, Green and shades of grey make this table a unique and beautiful French antique.

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38.5''D x 28.5''H







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