Antique and Vintage

Our deep knowledge of antique and vintage Art for the Garden is the foundation for the vast collection you’ll find at the Inner Gardens showroom.

Inner Gardens Collection

Inner Gardens’ signature collection of reproductions bears all the marks of the unique aesthetic Inner Gardens is known for.

Mid-Century Modern

Inner Gardens offers an extensive collection of modern Art for the Garden, discovered at home and abroad during owner Stephen Block’s travels.

Italian Terrace Collection

With designs that suit both classical and contemporary architecture, Inner Gardens is the only distributor in California to offer the Italian Terrace Collection.

Field Notes

Explore the world with Inner Gardens

Travel and Treasure Hunting Video

“As soon as I get out of the car, my heart starts beating, I can feel it” - ~ Stephen Block Stephen Block, owner of Inner Gardens, discusses his love of treasure hunting and his search for unique objects during his travels around the world. Watch the video to learn...

The Unexpected Branch Video

“Everything I do in my life is permeated by heart in hand.” ~ Stephen Block Convo by Design and Stephen Block, owner of Inner Gardens, discuss Stephen's thought process for creating wabi-sabi and unexpected design in the garden. Watch the video to learn more!

Rubber Plant Prophesy Video

“From that day on, I was smitten by the world of plants” - Stephen Block Convo by Design recently sat down with Stephen Block, owner of Inner Gardens, to discuss his introduction into the world of plants in the early 70's. Watch the video to learn more!

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