Cody Horn and Reid Carolin’s

Brentwood Escape

Nestled in the heart of Brentwood, a stunning residence has undergone a remarkable transformation, turning an unfortunate event into an opportunity for renewal. Producer Cody Horn and her husband, Writer/Director Reid Carolin, join forces with landscape designers Stephen Block and Kimberlee Keswick of Inner Gardens, as they reflect on the journey to rebuild their property in the aftermath of the destructive Getty fire.

Photography by Tim Street-Porter

Reid Carolin and Cody Horn on the deck of their Brentwood home, with landscaping designed by Inner Gardens.

Reid Carolin with his wife Cody Horn on the deck of their Brentwood home

Potted plants in Willy Guhl planters, shown in Ashley Tisdale's Hollywood Hills garden, amid landscaping designed by Inner Gardens.

A French Industrial mirror with a rare heart-shaped Willy Guhl planter combined with Inner Gardens modern collection of planter.

For Horn, the story began with an emotional connection to the house on her first visit. “I could just see it. I envisioned 100 people walking around. I saw a party and I saw fun, and suddenly, I just knew,” she recalls. The couple set out to turn their dream home into a reality, however, their journey took an unexpected turn when the Getty fire swept through the neighborhood, leaving their landscaping in ruins.

Keswick created a centralized gathering area utilizing this new addition

Turning a setback into an opportunity, Horn and Carolin enlisted Keswick’s expertise to restore life on the property. “We saw it as an opportunity to refresh,” recalls Horn. The result is a garden that complements the natural surroundings seamlessly, with a careful selection of garden objects, planters & plants that respect the environment.

French limestone trough, complemented by vintage stone spheres and a curated collection of Stag Horn Ferns. Landscape design by Inner Gardens.

French limestone trough, complemented by vintage stone spheres and a curated collection of Stag Horn Ferns

An assortment of thoughtfully arranged rare plants and planters, by landscape design firm Inner Gardens.

An assortment of thoughtfully arranged rare plants and planters

Keswick’s approach involved working with the existing elements of the landscape, building on the foundation of a single stag horn fern passed on from the previous owner. The team also embraced the natural Asian influence in the area, focusing on a majestic oak tree as the centerpiece. In the under oak garden, Keswick incorporated distinctive elements, such as a limestone water feature, rare wooden sake vessels, and an exterior walled room to display more of the stunning stag horns. Dicksonia ferns, bamboo, bay laurel, podocarpus, and little lollies were also carefully integrated, creating a landscape that feels both curated and authentic.

A decomposed granite pathway flanked by native plantings to complement the adjacent preserve leading to a scenic vista

Keswick suggested to Horn & Carolin the addition of a deck adjacent to the house, effectively tripling their current entertaining space. This expansion provided the opportunity to integrate container planting and a stylish limestone firepit.

Carolin emphasizes the enchanting quality of the property, particularly the pathway from the driveway to the garden. The space under the overhang serves as a magical and transportive zone, providing a retreat to escape and reconnect with nature. “You kind of disappear into somewhere else.” says Carolin. Surrounded by majestic birds of paradise, swaths of echium & aloes, this hidden gem becomes a sanctuary.

Planter by Inner Gardens.
Fireput on deck of Brentwood home with landscape design by Inner Gardens.

As Keswick aptly describes, “There’s something about having that on the property that’s so wonderful; there’s no other reason to be down there than to ground yourself.” From deer sightings to family adventures with their daughter, the Horn-Carolin residence offers a slice of country living within a bustling city.