At Home With Mariel Haenn

In our first edition of Inner Gardens “At Home With…” renowned stylist Mariel Haenn lets us inside her Venice Beach Sanctuary. Designed by Interior Designer Jessica Fogel and photographed by Michael Clifford.

Mariel Haen standing near indoor plants by Inner Gardens

Above: Mariel in her living room.

Los Angeles-based interior designer Jessica Fogel met celebrity fashion stylist Mariel Haenn at their childrens’ school and quickly bonded over their mutual obsession with black olive trees.

When Mariel and Jessica sat down to create the vibe of the home, Mariel stressed the importance of “Wanting my home to be a neutral calm sanctuary.” Whilst her busy lifestyle consists of styling some of the most famous women in the world (such as JLo, Camilla Cabello, and Gwen Stefani, among others), this lifestyle lends itself to lots of traveling and constantly being on the go.

“Coming home to a zen environment enriched by textures and colors that were grounding became the goal” said Jessica. She worked closely with Jana Feifer, Interior Plant Stylist at Inner Gardens, who specializes in plants that evoke rare shape and form.

Celebrity fashion stylist Mariel Haenn and interior designer Jessica Fogel
Ficus Petiolaris in grey ceramic planter

Above: Ficus Petiolaris in grey ceramic planter.

Stan Bitters Thumbprint Planter Shown with a single-trunk Brachycition

Above: Stan Bitters “Thumbprint Planter” shown with a single-trunk Brachycition.

Vintage Planter Carved of Limestone with Black Olive Tree

Above: Vintage planter carved of limestone with Black Olive Tree.

Having purchased a black olive tree from Inner Gardens for her own home, Jessica began utilizing plants as art and sculpture for her clients’ homes.

Mariel and Jessica were inspired by their mutual love of nature. Soon, the unique tiered shape of the black olive dictated the design of the space and Jessica came to Inner Gardens to source a linear black olive tree for Mariel’s living room.

Jessica then layered pieces with a patina of age and texture by accessorizing with vintage and antique vessels. Jessica and Mariel both enjoyed the process of pairing pieces like the Stan Bitters mid century modern “Thumbprint Planter” shown above with distinct limestone vessels found in Indonesia (all sourced through Inner Gardens).

“Plants are art and sculpture… they bring life into the home.” Fogel has such a love for her own collection of plants that they all have names, from “Mr. Miagi” to “Dancing Tina”… and we can’t forget “Cher”!

Vintage bench for Inner Gardens, holding succulent and art books