Our Malibu Showroom

Walk into Inner Gardens’ Malibu showroom and be transported to a tranquil oasis by the beach!

For the past forty years, Nagel Nursery on Busch Drive in Malibu has been a destination for Los Angeles-area plant lovers. Now that Inner Gardens has hung a shingle here, the nursery has expanded to offer the full-service design, installation, and maintenance you’ve come to expect from Inner Gardens. You will also find our collections of antique, vintage, and new planters, as well as furnishings and accessories.

The 1.3-acre nursery offers 20,000 square feet of greenhouses, including a 25-foot tall greenhouse, one of the tallest in southern California. “I’m especially pleased about this because it means I can carry full-size specimen trees. Very few places in town can provide such towering plant features that dramatically enhance the landscape. In the past it’s been a waiting game: we install younger trees and hedges and wait for Mother Nature to do her magic,” says Inner Gardens owner and founder Stephen Block.
The waiting is over: Los Angeles and Ventura Counties can now enjoy more mature plantings than ever before.

The Inner Gardens Malibu nursery includes tropicals imported from Hawaii and Florida plus many Mediterranean plants such as olive trees, lavender, and rosemary. All of these high-quality plants are selected and grown for the discerning buyer.


Malibu Location

6432 Busch Drive
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 457-9091

Open 8am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday
Open 8am – 3pm Saturday