Vintage Mid Century Bowl Planter

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This vintage bowl planter comes in 9 sizes, making it perfect for plants large and small. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, the sphere planter embodies true mid century modern aesthetics. Available in black or white, each unique planter is treated with a hand-applied finish, so the color may vary. Material: Lightweight cast composite resin.

Sizes Available:

6.5″OD x 5″ID x 5″H

8″OD x 5.75″ID x 6.5″H

10″OD x 7″ID x 8″H

14″OD x 10″ID x 11″H

18″OD x 12.5″ID x 14″H

20″OD x 16.5″ID x 15″H

24″OD x 20″ID x 17″H

28″OD x 22″ID x 22″H

32″OD x 22.5″ID x 28″H

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White, Black



6.5"OD x 5"ID x 5"H, 8"OD x 5.75"ID x 6.5"H, 10"OD x 7"ID x 8"H, 14"OD x 10"ID x 11"H, 18"OD x 12.5"ID x 14"H, 20"OD x 16.5"ID x 15"H, 24"OD x 20"ID x 17"H, 28"OD x 22"ID x 22"H, 32"OD x 22.5"ID x 28"H