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White Glazed Ceramic Planter

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A modern white cylinder with a smooth curved body and a glossy shine of glaze.?This is a planter that will blend well with any interior garden design, standing 14 inches tall and 19 inches in diameter at its widest point. Lightweight and elegant with a sleek seamless appeal. This is a medium sized egg planter with a minimalist look that will accent the decor of a room with a modern art aesthetic. Weighing approximately 30 lbs with a hand smoothed bottom, this rare ceramic planter will lighten up a room. The origins of this planter are unknown, it is free of any signature or mass production stamp, it is most likely one of a kind or one of few hand made pieces. Other planters of this style will show a molded and mass produced shape and aesthetic, making this rarity a stand out to the detail oriented appreciators of garden art.

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19''OD x 16.5''ID x 14''H


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