Vintage Glass Blowers Crucibles

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These two vintage vessels were once used for holding and catching the drippings of molten glass. Available individually or as a pair these two crucibles are a rare find as they are very similar and would be great to have as a matching set. They are both about 30 inches in diameter, 17 inches tall and are tan in color. Most ceramic crucibles of this era retain a bright white ceramic outside, but the tan tone found on these is a patina caused from extensive use around intense heat and overflow of colored glass. The bottom of these vessels has a wonderful translucent smooth glass encompassing a delightful color. For use as a planter adds texture and weight to an indoor garden or outdoor landscape, but these vintage garden vessels can easily be enjoyed as an un-planted decorative object. While they do match in color and size they are crafted differently in that one has an outer shell that is smooth while the other one has an outer layer that is porous and deep with texture. Rare and never mass produced these mid century crucibles are an incredibly interesting addition to your garden.

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American Crucibal, Crucible, Planter, Vessel




17''H x 30''D




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