Vintage American Ceramic Crucible Planter

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Created circa 1960, this round and small to medium sized crucible is lovely to look at and rather heavy for its size. Standing 10 inches tall with a diameter of 14 inches makes this vessel perfect for your interior design. With a bright white crackling ceramic exterior covered with a patina of stained glass and featuring the clear and smooth natural formation of the accumulated glass in the bottom. Some choose to use these smaller crucibles as a decorative object on their own, and while there are many ways to use them creatively they are complimentary to plants and flowers. Durable and with a natural feel, crucibles are made to endure outdoor conditions as an addition to your landscape design. Molten glass crucible history extends back to the 5th millennia B.C., and have gone through many evolutionary changes from lava slag pots to the modern day factory duplicated glass blowing necessities. These vintage American ceramic crucibles from in the 1960’s stand out with a rare and stunning charm.

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10''H x 14''D


Crucible, Planter, Vessel




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