Unglazed Terracotta Arizona Water Jar Circa 1900

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An American antique terracotta vessel with an abundance of character. A classic water vessel shape featuring loop handles and a curved tapered mid section. The color and patina of this piece make it stand out among other garden antiques. Its terracotta is a rich dark, almost burnt tone with green staining on one side and on the top lip. The clay near the bottom is worn but the vessel is strong. The combination of the unique green dye with the natural blackened soot stained features and the slightly worn body come together to form a lovely and rarely seen patina. The handles reach out to ten inches, with an opening of nearly five inches and it stands 13 inches tall. The muted colors and rustic charm of this vessels provide the warm juxtaposition that allows the colors of a floral arrangement to appear extra vibrant.

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10''OD x 4.5''ID x 13''H






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