Tall Unglazed TerraCotta Oil Jar

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With a rich earth tone terracotta color and lovely rounded shape, this classic vintage terracotta planter is a handmade delight. With a smooth rounded top rim tapering out to a round mid section then back again to a narrow foot gives this planter an impossibly alluring quality. Showing its hand made virtues in lack of exact symmetry yet completely able to stand alone, this planter is eye catching and attention holding. The insides are coated with black rock pebbles, reinforcing its strength and longevity. 19 inches at the widest round point in the middle standing just under three feet tall and with an opening of nine inches. The texture and color display the traits loved by collectors of un-glazed vintage and antique terracotta, visibly smooth in some areas and rough in others making it easy to visualize the process it went through being thrown ages ago. The patina of age and love of use is sprawled across this lovely garden planter, also a stunning addition to a home.

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19''OD x 9''ID x 35''H



Jar, Planter


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