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Small Slag Pot from France Circa 1930

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The minerals sparkle like a starry night on this small slag pot. A rough and beautiful texture born of intense heat and symbolic of the molten origins of life give slag pots an unparalleled natural charm. No two slags are identical in shape, but some, forged close in location, can have similar mineral and color content. This enchanting slag pot is only 17 inches tall with a diameter of 13 inches. It has a charcoal color stamped with earth tones, displaying a range one would see spread across a mountainside. Deep and alluring, this slag pot embodies the strength of nature, used nearly 100 years ago, while modern slag containers are created only with meticulous engineering. For use in home or professional settings the slag pot is an excellent choice for a planter, fitting to now be home to natures growing organic visions. This small planter is perfect for someone who always wanted a slag pot, however most on the market are huge in size and cost. Able to blend with modern garden art and interior gardens, a lasting testament to natures beauty.

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Slag, Vessel




13.25''D x 17''H




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