Rustic French Iron Planters Circa 1960

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A fitting choice for housing your favorite plants or flowers, vintage French iron tubs have a natural rust color patina that complements landscapes. These round containers, made circa 1960, feature a chic center ring adding character and depth providing an embossed line appearing as a rust colored horizontal stripe. The diameter with the ring is 26 inches but the plant-able area inside the tub has a diameter of 23 inches and a height of 15 inches. We have come across many forms of French iron tubs and they are used by landscape and interior designers to juxtapose an industrial feel with nature, but these planters are particularly charming due to their naturally patinated body yielding a wealth of soft colors. The outside tub wall is grey, a speckling patina of rust and signs of use wash away the iron surface so in some light it almost appears blue. Like vintage blue jeans, these planters have a warmth that captures attention. Available individually or in pairs with up to eight available, these planters offer a rare opportunity to grab a pair of unique additions for your home or garden. For use indoors or outdoors, they are humble and exciting. For use in a professional setting they can feel hip and wise simultaneously.

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26'' Outer diameter
23'' Inside diameter
15'' Height




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