Rare Triple Rim Planters from Garden City Pottery Circa 1930

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American made flower pot style planters from just before the mid 20th century crafted with a rare triple ribbed rim and gorgeous ribbed body, dip glazed in brilliant solid colors. Garden City Pottery of San Jose, California was a wholesaler of dinner ware and pottery from 1902- 1987. This collection of planters comes from an era between 1920-1940 when Garden City Pottery brought on a designer with a color and glaze specialist to stay competitive in the market following the devastation of the great depression. Their efforts paid off with products like these triple rim planters. For years Garden City Pottery was sold by Macy’s and Montgomery Ward’s exclusively. Most of their pottery at the time has the shape and colors seen here, but usually with a smooth rim or up to two ribbed lipped top rim. The triple rib lipped planter was not as heavily produced or circulated, and now in the 21st century stands out with a special beauty. Familiar in shape and nostalgic colors, reminiscent of the mid 20th century classic suburban american family decor but also with a chic edge given by the unusual third rim. Art for the garden and the home, the style of these glowing planters combines modern and pop for a look that has disappeared from our perview but remains a cheerful reminder of bygone times.

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Planter, Vessel

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Garden City Pottery




7.5''D x 6''H
9.5''D x 7''H
11.5''D x 9''H
13''D x 12''H


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