Rare Antique Iron Buckets from Indonesia Circa 19th century

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With unusual elegant construction these two buckets make creative use as planters. Made in Java, Indonesia in the 1800’s both feature solid construction with the riveted side seam and a handle of iron curved to match the shape of the cylindrical vessel. They are a rich shade of brown and the texture appears leathery, giving these iron buckets a soft and warm appeal. They are available separately or as companions. The larger bucket is 13.5 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall, the smaller one is 11.25 inches in diameter and 10 inches tall. Both items have been well cared for over the years, free of any harsh refinish techniques, while displaying a patina of age and wear. In the right indoor environment they would make any floral arrangement more interesting and pleasing to the eye. Use for hanging indoor vine plants would look amazing as the handle of the bucket could attach to the ceiling hook. The sturdy craftsmanship of these antique buckets would hold up as an addition to your outdoor garden landscape as well.

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Large Bucket 13.5''D x 12''H
Small Bucket 11.25''D x 10''H


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19th Century


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