Pair of Monumental Stoneware Glazed Chinese Water Jars Circa 1920

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Monumental Chinese stoneware glazed water jars circa 1920 with raised lip, decorative ear placements, kiln kisses and patina. These two antique water vessels are not identical, each with its unique slight variations, but also incredibly similar. Building upon centuries old tradition, the companion pieces are extraordinary examples of Chinese pottery. The brown stoneware glaze is dimpled, from years of use, showing a second brown shade of wear. From a distance the jar color appears solid, with a reflective shine in the glaze, incredibly large in size, with symmetry, and the tapered body synonymous with jar ceramics. Up close, the depth of beauty is apparent as the two shades of brown stand out in texture, the decorative double and triple ribbed lips are a showy touch from the artist, while the kiln kisses and figure eight shaped ears embossed on the upper curve blend with the body of patina to give these jars an earthy sense of charm. A historical and artistic statement for your garden, these antique jars boast high notes for your garden landscape.

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25.5'' opening, 43''D x 40.5''H


Jar, Vessel, Water Jar


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