Pair French Cement Conical Planters with Flowing Embossed Motif Circa 1960

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This pair of conical planters are vibrant with embossed flowing organic form spirals decorating the exterior. Conical planters born of the modern French art movement of the 1960’s are a sought out garden accent. Most have a minimal sleek style with smooth sides and no decoration, which make this pair extra special.?Rarely seen are these spiral decorated smaller versions. They are lovely outside in the garden, but?also look amazing indoors where the design can be viewed up close. Each has a size of 21 inches in diameter by nearly 16 inches tall. They would be in great company filled with flowers and placed in an entrance way or on a console table with sunlight illuminating the motifs and flora. While regular conical planters have?plain sides, it can be said that this pair doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. Another aspect that sets these apart from other conical planters is the degree to which the tapering angles to a narrow footing at 5 inches. Purchased in France, these planters are light-weight yet sturdy and if cared for properly will become cherished antiques.

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21''D x 15.5''H




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