Organic Form Teak Burl Planter

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SKU: IG16821
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Found in Java, Indonesia this rounded bottom teak wood planter has a fluid organic shape, a brilliant shine and a mesmerizing combination of the colors associated with the rings that gives it a marbled look. At almost 18 inches tall, 25 inches long and 32 inches wide this vessel is a perfect fit for are leafy bushes and medium sized botanics. This planter is waxed and polished making it a great addition to any interior garden design. Teak, being incredibly hard will survive well on an outdoor landscape but over time the vibrant appearance seen here may become dulled. This planter is a new arrival to Inner Gardens and will likely sell fast. We do offer several other amazing teak planters of smaller size.

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17.5''H x 25''L x 32''W


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