Modern French Conical Cement Planters Circa 1960

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The style and design of conical planters creates a natural feeling of admiration when viewed in a landscape design or crafted interiors. These French cement conical planters are nearly 30 inches in Diameter and 18 inches tall. They have a lovely patina of age and wear from years of use as garden art. There are modern recreations of conical planters and they continue to be a widely used vessel in the landscape design industry. The cone shape is in harmony with nature as opposed to any planter that would be at 90 degrees to the ground. The cement color serves as a modern juxtaposition to nature. Combining these traits along with the natural patina, blending a washed over color scheme of grays, whites and blacks makes these original pieces all the more lovely. While current production conical planters still provide the architectural allure, there is simply no substitute for the aging vintage original. Approaching 60 years in age, there is a finite number of these 1960’s planters. Created in the midst of the modern art movement that instilled itself into French garden culture. Use of aged patinated planters in the young United States serves to help create a visually striking panorama in the home or garden. Available individually or in a set of up to 6, these planters would also add a chic elegance to a professional setting.

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30''D x 18''H


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