Marble Statue of Aphrodite From a Castle in Rambouillet Circa 1880

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Carved in marble circa 1880 and purchased from a castle in Rambouillet, France. The Crouching Venus Aphrodite sculpture is based on the Hellenistic version which was first carved in 200 BC. The Greek Goddess of love and beauty knelt down before a bath tub sitting on one foot with her right arm draped across her body has been reproduced by many sculptors, with each version finding a home among distinguished collectors. This version was cared for a great deal as is evident in its scars of restoration. The statue has amazing life like qualities in the belly, backside, and face, demonstrating the work of a skilled artist. As time and motion began to take its toll on this statue, the owners took action to keep it as intact as possible. Available for the home or garden, the Crouching Venus is a monumental vision of art first dreamt by man thousands of years ago. As told in mythology she was born of sea foam and given to humankind for inspiration of love and beauty.

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18''L x 20''W x 34''H






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