Lion Fountain

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24″L x 12″W x 41.5″H

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Our Lion Fountain consists of a lion’s head spitter on a tall rectangular faux stone backdrop. The top piece has a recessed back to accommodate water pump tubing, bringing water to shoot from the lions copper piped mouth spout. Made in two materials of different weights, all pieces can be ordered in either cast cement or in a lighter weight High-Tech cast resin, both with a hand applied South Carolina finish. The Lion Fountain Trough is purchased separately, with the same finish. The fountain is sold with a plinth that can house a water pump (not included). The Lion may be used with any other water basin. Generally in stock, check for availability.

Fountain (includes pedestal) 24″L x 12″W x 41.5″H
Basin 48″L x 36″W x 18″H

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Fountain (includes pedestal) 24" L x 12" W x 41.5" H, Basin 48" L x 36" W x 18" H



South Carolina Finish