Slag Pot Planter Modest Size Circa 1930 France

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This charming and small slag pot is only 12 inches in diameter and 19 inches tall, a perfect size for adding texture to your interior design. A rich blend of minerals and heat induced stress wrinkles, synonymous with slag pots, give this small planter a huge presence. Purchased in Europe and used for slag in the early 20th century, this beautiful slag pot is more symmetrical then commonly seen, and has a perfectly shaped pour lip. Whereas some slag pots can be so similar that near matching sets can be acquired, this one is more of a handsome loner, a great choice if your decor is requiring that one extra intriguing item. Thick, strong, earthy, and visually striking, this slag pot would be a humble companion planter in your home, but is also sophisticated enough for a professional setting.

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12.25'' D x 19''H


Slag, Vessel




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