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Gold Ochre Scratch Pattern For Architectural Pottery By David Cressey

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A clever design from David Cressey for Architectural Pottery, this 18 inch tall cylinder is nearly 13 inches in diameter and resembles a tree trunk. Cressey is most recognized for his signature flame glaze pottery, and sought out Earthgender originals from Southern California. The cylinder shape vessel seen here made for Architectural Pottery has many versions with varying colors and textures, most with Cressey’s bright glaze work. This one has the natural allure of his Earthgender pieces, with its orange and brown glow. The scratch pattern involves chunky embossed areas of clay and incised etchings. When you see this planter from across the room it looks like a tree log. When you see it up close the shine of the glaze overtaking and the clay textures become so clear that it much less resembles a tree trunk. This is truly a fascinating planter and example of master clay work.

Stephen Block brings vintage and antique art for the garden from all over the world to the Inner Gardens showrooms in Malibu and Culver City, California. With antiques dating back hundreds of years along side modern art, every item is chosen for its beauty and patina.



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Architectural Pottery




18.5\'\'H x 12.25\'\'D


Call the showroom at (310) 838-8378 for pricing or email





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