French Slag Pots Circa 1900

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Six slag pots circa 1900 all roughly the same size and each textured with porous rock and mineral coloring. Appearing with a soft charcoal color, these chic planters are a nice size to blend in with an indoor atmosphere, and are able to hold small to medium plants or trees in a sturdy and protected fashion. Standing 22 inches tall with a diameter of 17.75 inches, a pair of these will add weight and symmetry to your garden design. Antique relics from industrial smelting over 100 years ago, slag pots are incredibly charming and finite. Able to withstand extreme temperatures, slag pots are a natural choice as planters. Each one baring its own unique blend of sparkling ore remains and body of changing texture. The intrinsic beauty of a slag pot can rival that of even a most beloved garden favorite planted within.

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Slag, Vessel




17.75''D x 22''H




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