French Cast Iron Sculpture Concentric Circles Disc on Pedestal Circa 1900

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A circular disc made for industrial use as a measuring device circa 1900 is now a sculpture for the garden. This ahead of its time spectacle is a precursor to an industrial art movement that would flourish many decades later. Captivating and pre-modern, there is nothing like this available anywhere, its addition to a garden would be creative and functional. A body for climbing vines or simply a man made geometric shape to juxtapose the flowing organics of your interior or exterior landscape. Standing over 3 feet tall, the disc is 39 inches long and the flat two pronged base holding up the disc is 16 inches wide. Art collectors looking for something chic, original, one of a kind, and rare will feel the spanning allure of this truly unique antique.

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39''L x 43''H Disc is 1'' wide and the stand is 15''wide




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