French Carved Stone Planter Circa 1800

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Handsome and heavy, this antique French trough style planter is carved from stone and has a timeless natural beauty. Crafted circa 1800, the trough is a modest size at 31 inches long, 16 inches wide and 14 inches tall. At over two hundred years old this French antique is not at all fragile, and when used for an indoor or outdoor garden adds a most sensible earthy charm. When one considers all the art movements of France in the early 1800’s; the end of Louis XVI, the birth and rise of classicism, naturalism and romanticism, it becomes easy to place this charming trough within a historical perspective. A french citizen, with an inherited perspective for the elegance of the European landscape, carved this garden piece and now over 200 years later this one of a kind antique stone planter will be a complementary choice for housing your most stunning flowers.

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31''L x 16''W x 14''H







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