Cement Pod Chair By Willy Guhl Circa 1960

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Purchased in France, this half century old chair designed by a pioneer of modern art for the garden, has the allure that is synonymous with all of Willy Guhl’s work. The seat of this chair is shaped for comfort as a gentle slope rests indented in a three quarter sphere resting on top of an upward tapered cone. In the 1960’s Willy Guhl was inspired to go new places with furniture and planters, his furniture, while making creative use of simplicity had a futuristic appeal. His pod chair was duplicated and trends were built upon his ideas for years, but when an appreciator of rare design comes across a Willy Guhl pod chair in person, one can’t help but sense the originality and alchemy that was occurring during Guhl’s creative process. This pod chair is 25 inches tall and wide, showing signs of use, because after all this chair begs to be sat in. With a patina of wear along the top from years of loving arms rested, this is a creative thinkers chair suitable for your home and or garden areas.

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25''H x 25''L x 20W







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