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Antique Stoneware Urn Circa 1900

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This classical style urn is just under three feet in height and 21 inches in diameter, but its presence feels monumental. The vessel and footing separate for mobility and for drainage. Vertical recessed rectangles decorate the top of the urn, placed evenly around the perimeter. This feature is most alluring, it is almost like a gear, an early dream of future industrial art, while embodying the classicism found in art associated with the prestigious class of European countries. The body of the vessel tapers inward and restates the recessed rectangle design in a mildly angled inverted pyramid cone. The top rim and body together show off the master vision of this design, where this solid and dense stoneware urn will cast shadows in such a way that the position of the sun plays a part with the visual elegance. In direct sunlight one side will be perfectly illuminated, the shadows cast along the side catch the recessed wall closest to the light in a back leaning angle, while the vertical recessed bars at the top will hold a shadow at a right angle to the earth. Ultimately, this wonderful piece of garden art has cleverly achieved a goal of sculpture; motion. The vessel rests on a smooth tapered footing that features a solid box plinth at the bottom and a rounded fluting base for the vessel to rest on.

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21''D x 35''H






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