Antique Hand Beaten Brass Vessel Circa 1930

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Originating in Java, circa 1930 this hand beaten copper vessel displays characteristics found in the Chinese culture associated with brass wear in Indonesia. Following centuries old tradition this amazing antique vessel features toa-tie mythological lion handles, balanced beaded motif brass panel? and perfectly tapered overturned upper rim. The significance of the toa-tie lion is debatable, some point to the mythology symbolizing gluttonous evil beasts able to communicate telepathically, while there are historians that say the myth was born of the imagery used simply for decoration.?The lion head does appear to be the tao-tie beast, but there is further relevance in the Chinese culture regarding lions. The Foo lion, which is incredibly similar in appearance, is regarded as a guardian, usually shown in a pair of one male and one female, symbolizing the balance of yin and yang. This vessel is 10.25 inches tall and almost 16 inches in diameter, a size that would work well for a medium branch bearing plant in a foyer. The rich color of antique brass is earthy and accents plant life around it. This item will blend well with your interior design even if it is not themed in Asian culture. A powerful antique art vessel for your home or garden.

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15.75D x 10.25H




Planter, Vessel


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