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Antique French Terracotta Urns Circa 1900 With Organic Patina

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Green moss warms the sides of the earth tone terracotta urns, tapered with lovely curves and balanced for visual and functional brilliance. Available as a set of three, the matching urn style planters have a perfectly rounded top lip and stand at 21 inches tall with an outer diameter of 16 inches and an opening of 10 inches. The rich texture of aged terracotta with organic patina blends to create a soft, warm, fuzzy visual. The planters have a life and motion of their own making these stand out, even among your other favorite terracotta antique planters. French antique pottery looks great as an addition to both inside the home and outdoors. This set of 3 offers the rare opportunity to achieve a trinity of symmetrical design, born of hand crafted pottery tradition passed down from centuries of French artistry. As complimentary to blooming flowers as is to succulents or small shrubs.

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 21 in







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