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Antique French Terracotta Biot Jars Circa 1910

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This pair of French made antique terracotta jars are rather large examples of the traditional Biot. Standing just over 3 feet tall with an outer diameter of 27 inches, featuring a smooth curved tapered body and the well rounded top lip characteristic of oil jars crafted in Biot, France for centuries. Each jar has remnants of glaze near the top, and a patina reminiscent of years of use on the French countryside. This pair is incredibly similar in shape, size and color, however one has a stamp that is either an artist mark or very early branding. The stamp appears to be a four leaf clover encompassed in a circle. Purchased in France and shipped to California where they can live out their days as planters or as garden art outdoors, free from harsh temperature changes. As finely aged terracotta this pair would add warmth and a historical presence inside a home or in a professional environment. They would be used well to elevate plants or small trees.

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27''Outer Diameter
16.5'' Inner Diameter
37'' Height




Biot, Jar




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