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Antique French Cast Iron Urns Circa 1800

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These antique French cast iron urns are absolutely gorgeous. They demand attention and appreciation upon first sight. Standing over two feet tall with an 18” outer diameter, and covered in a shade of light blue that is loud and worn simultaneously. For a garden lover these would be used to hold your most attractive arrangements outside, but indoors they add a wondrous charm to a home or professional environment. The intriguing design has all the elements of a classic European urn, but the accentuated round mid section, tapering up, in a hourglass fashion to the top lip pulls the viewer in. The footing, tapering up to the fluted base is thick, heavy, and symmetrical. It is clear that these urns were made with years of iron work crafting experience. In some areas small amounts of paint are worn out with age showing an almost glowing orange rust, but the majority of this pair has a solid coating. Worn, soft and warm the shade of blue makes these urns stand out. The texture and shade of these urns is only possible as its loved history becomes an original, custom patina. These French garden antiques make artistic use of any design space, created circa 1800 they will be loved by a distinguished collector.

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18'' Outer Diameter
10.5'' Inner Diameter
25'' Height




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