Antique Extra Large Spanish Ceramic Oil Jar

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Covered in a patina of age and use that sparks the imagination, this extra large Spanish antique jar was hand crafted in the 19th century and now, after traveling across the Atlantic ocean, can be enjoyed in your home or garden. Standing over three feet tall and 28 inches at its widest diameter, this antique features decorative embossed rounded ribs etched with wavy lines, a sign of the artist’s dedication to this large urn. There are random drips of green glaze found on parts of the jar adding to its unique charm. At over 100 years old, this jar belongs to a family of finite antiques from a culture long passed. The strength of fired terracotta makes this item able to endure the elements outdoors planted with bushes, flowers or a tree, and also blend indoors among your other timeless antiques.

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28''OD x 15.5''ID x 38.5''H




Planter, Vessel


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19th century


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