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Antique Age French Slag Pot With Natural Maroon Color Circa 1930

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The amazing shade of dark red mineral and lava stone on the outer layer of this slag pot is a unique sight to behold. This planter is 28 inches tall with a diameter of just over two feet. A creative designer will find it a labor of love to choose which plant or tree will best blend with the planter and their surroundings. The thick walls commonly seen in slag pots are strong enough to hold high temperature molten rock, and are indicative of the strength and longevity of the antique slag pot. Purchased in France, only slag pots from near regions are born with this shade of maroon, and rarely can be found as a pair. There is an abundance of charm in this French garden antique, ranging from its impressive textured composition to its well rounded base, symmetry, and stable footing. A planter that will garner attention in a living space, a professional environment, or outdoors adding to the natural theme of the landscape.

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24.5''D x 28''H


Slag, Vessel




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