19th Century Indonesian Antique Vessel of Bronze

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An antique cast bronze bowl from Indonesia, circa 1800, that retains its amazing polished glow while still keeping its patina of age and wear. Originally used as a ceremonial betel nut bowl where parents of a soon to be married couple would combine the betel nut and areca leaf as a symbol of agreement. The leaf and nut together are said to be a perfect combination on the palate, and when consumed can raise the body temperature and increase the heart rate. It is those qualities that made the ceremony a perfect symbolic fit for marriage in the 1800’s, but the use of the betel nut in the Asian continent dates back thousands of years. Made with the precise symmetry and beaten attributes found only in Indonesian bronze work of this era and small enough to be a centerpiece while adding a large energy to a room. May the love of a hundred marriages be encompassed in this beautiful antique for your home or garden.

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6''H x 13''D




Planter, Vessel


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19th Century