The World of Inner Gardens

Inner Gardens provides art for the home & garden, with showrooms that feature impressive global collections of furnishings and accessories from antique to modern.

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Antique & Vintage  

Our deep knowledge of antique and vintage Art for the Garden is the foundation for the vast collection you’ll find at the Inner Gardens showroom.

Inner Gardens Collection

Inner Gardens’ signature collection of reproductions bears all the marks of the unique aesthetic Inner Gardens is known for.

Mid-Century Modern

Inner Gardens offers an extensive collection of modern Art for the Garden, discovered at home and abroad during owner Stephen Block’s travels.

Italian Terrace Collection

With designs that suit both classical and contemporary architecture, Inner Gardens is the only distributor in California to offer the Italian Terrace Collection.

Field Notes

Explore the world with Inner Gardens

Modern Meets Patina

These vintage hexagonal French planters with lichen patina bridge the styles of classical and modern. You'll love how the thick, heavy concrete harking from the timeless tradition of monumental European garden art blends with a sleek modern approach to design with the...

Bring Organic Forms into the Garden

For all the time and effort we humans put into building our cities, we often jump at the chance to “escape” to nature. We find beaches, oceans, rivers, lakes, forests, and mountains to be calming, peaceful, and grounding. Part of that attraction has to do with the...

Add Character to Your Garden With Patina

Patina is the rich, layered, worn layer that develops naturally, over a long period of time, on the surface of materials like stone, metal, wood, and leather. This patina is the unique result of an aging process that involves a combination of time, weather, and...