Introducing the new, now with an online store that features our full range of products

If you’ve been to our showroom in Culver City, you know why Architectural Digest named it one of the top garden shops. The level of curation that goes into every piece and vignette on display has attracted the most discriminating designers and design aficionados.

When owner Stephen Block opened Inner Gardens in 1990, it quickly became a go-to resource for interior designers, landscape architects, architects, and other design professionals in need of unforgettable, original pieces.

inner gardens online store

Until now, you had to be in Los Angeles to discover our antiques, vintage pieces, and Inner Gardens Collection. We launched our new online store so that wherever you are, you can access the garden planters, decorative containers, furnishings, and décor that can’t be found anywhere else.

Inner Gardens Online Store

What else is new on our website?

  • Galleries of our interior and exterior landscape projects
  • Our blog, Field Notes
  • Our Instagram feed, which documents Stephen’s travels

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