Inner Gardens is your one-stop shop offering services to meet every need for both commercial and residential gardens, including a landscape design department headed by owner, Stephen Block, with his expert installation and maintenance team. The nursery itself is sought out by the top design professionals from across the country.

Inner Gardens is renowned for its use of both usual and unusual plants in a creative, detailed manner. We are sensitive and responsive to the interior design and building architecture, ensuring that plants and containers are appropriate and suitable for the size of your rooms and furnishings.

Orchids, Succulants and Green Compositions

Our design team selects the finest orchids, succulants and plants and creatively arranges them to accentuate those special places in your home.  These colorful, elegant designs can be created in your containers, or in containers from our inventory of new and vintage planters.

Installation and Maintenance

Our knowledgeable and expert technicians will install and maintain the health of your interior and exterior plants while preserving the original design intent. We provide weekly and monthly schedules.