Modern Sphere Planters

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Use this mid century modern planter in your landscape design, filled with your favorite plants or trees. Or ask about a unique arrangement by Inner Gardens. Available in 9 Sizes.

Fabricated in a lightweight cast composite resin with a hand-applied finish. Color may vary.

Sizes Available:

6.5″OD x 5″ID x 5″H

8″OD x 5.75″ID x 6.5″H

10″OD x 7″ID x 8″H

14″OD x 10″ID x 11″H

18″OD x 12.5″ID x 14″H

20″OD x 16.5″ID x 15″H

24″OD x 20″ID x 17″H

28″OD x 22″ID x 22″H

32″OD x 22.5″ID x 28″H

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White, Black



6.5"OD x 5"ID x 5"H, 8"OD x 5.75"ID x 6.5"H, 10"OD x 7"ID x 8"H, 14"OD x 10"ID x 11"H, 18"OD x 12.5"ID x 14"H, 20"OD x 16.5"ID x 15"H, 24"OD x 20"ID x 17"H, 28"OD x 22"ID x 22"H, 32"OD x 22.5"ID x 28"H