These vintage hexagonal French planters with lichen patina bridge the styles of classical and modern. You’ll love how the thick, heavy concrete harking from the timeless tradition of monumental European garden art blends with a sleek modern approach to design with the six-sided inverted pyramid. Circa 1950, the planters have their roots in the sweeping French modern art movement that would dominate style for the next 20 years with simple symmetrical elegance.

We currently have four hexagonal French planters with lichen patina, European garden art blended with a sleek, modern approach to design with a six-sided inverted pyramid. Made of thick concrete and containing a mixture of whites and greys, while the patina gives these planters a chic elegance that cannot be produced by any modern means. Each planter is 30.5 inches in diameter and one foot tall. As a pair or full set of four will enhance walkways, doorways, or serve to balance an ambitious indoor or outdoor landscape. Click HERE to shop.