This is the view from the upstairs patio at Inner Gardens’ old Los Angeles location ~ and what a view it was! Those Willy Guhl Loop chairs are undeniable.

Willy Guhl

Up on the patio, there are more of the garden antiques Inner Gardens is known for. The good news: we have a major shipment on its way from Europe right now. Included are Diablo and Handkerchief planters, traditional rectangular troughs, and really great amoebic Fork planters. We’ll be stocking both of our showrooms with these pieces.

Willy Guhl was a Swiss furniture designer, and his trademark Loop chair, which he designed in 1954, was made of a single piece of material, bent to complete a loop.

He collaborated with Eternit (a Swiss term meaning eternal) to incorporate their asbestos concrete material–originally meant for roofing and pipe–into new planters and furniture. Guhl said, “no construction material used so finely gives as much stability as Eternit.”

Guhl went on to create many iconic designs, including Diablo planters, which are available at Inner Gardens. Inner Gardens has one of the largest collections of Willy Guhl furnishings and planters in the U.S.