Sometimes, you have to go back to the greatest hits. The time-tested, tried-and-true favorites that always satisfy. At Inner Gardens, we have three containers that our customers come back to again and again: Watts Pots, Lemon Pots, and Swirl Planters.

Why? Because they fit so perfectly in a variety of contexts. Because they embody classic sophistication. Because they’re made to last.

This is why Traditional Home named the Swirl Planter to their Summer 2017 best-of-season outdoor furnishings list. These are also the reasons Khloe Kardashian incorporated Lemon Pots and Swirl Planters throughout her courtyard and grounds at her home in Calabasas, California. (Images by Roger Davies as they appeared in 2016 in Architectural Digest)

Watts Pots

watts pots

Originally created for residential estates in Palm Beach, Florida in the 1930’s by the Watts Co., Inner Gardens has reproduced this series of pots called Watts Pots. >> See them in the store >>

Lemon Pots

lemon pots

This reproduction of an Italian Lemon Pot is cast with wavering lines as if it was hand thrown. >> See them in the store >>

Swirl Planter

swirl planter

With a swirled exterior design, thick walls and light distressing the Swirl Planter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. >> See them in the store >>