Vintage Terracotta Oil Jar Shaped Planter

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A planter that is as engaging with your botanical favorites as it is with its surroundings. Featuring visible hand made characteristics, as well as speckled with pebbles, subtle rounded lines from the crafting process and a gently spiraled decorative terracotta ribbon atop the vessel. On the inside, just beyond the opening, one can see the solid coating of black rock lining the inside of this vintage aged terracotta planter. Standing firmly on its own single tapered base demonstrates the beautiful tradition of balance, functionality and symmetry seen in the long lineage of terracotta pottery. 18 inches wide in the center with a 7.5 inch opening and standing 28 inches tall this planter would blend well indoors among your other antiques as well as enhance the landscape of your cherished home.

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18''OD x 7.5''ID x 28''H




Jar, Planter, Vessel


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