Vintage French Scalloped Cement Planters Circa 1960

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This pair of cement planters are unique and vibrant. Shaped with scalloped walls, resembling a cloud formation, in a triangulating curve design tapering down to a balanced footing. Painted in bright lipstick red, these planters originating from France, Circa 1960 are vintage relics of a time when French modernist design was a sweeping world trend. Wearing away of paint on this pair of planters is a patina, impossible to replicate, showing white and grey concrete in chic style. Each planter in this set of two is 24 inches in diameter and stands 11 inches tall. Compelling and original these planters are loud and have that certain “it” factor. Creative designers would find joy in the many ways these planters make use of space in the home or outdoors accenting your beloved garden landscape. For use in a professional setting, these planters are fun and serious at the same time, with bright colors and fun curves along with a vintage rarity that will age to become a cherished antique set.

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24''D x 11''H







Planter, Scalloped


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