Antique Ceramic Pickle Pots 19th Century China

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Modest in size, yet captivating, these antique glazed ceramic pickle pots from 19th century China are a unique choice to showcase organics in your home. Made with the characteristics found in Chinese pickle jars these feature a well marbled green glaze and decorative lion head and ring side handles. These pickle jars have been well cared for over the years, as seen in the still shining glow of the glaze. On the inside one can see where age and use have left patina, and the dissolving features of the decorative lion head handles is a product of centuries of use. As a planter these would accent many of your smaller favorites and would perhaps find a familiar place as a vessel for your favorite herbs in the kitchen. Four are available for a matching set, but also available as a single item. The pieces in this set range between six and seven inches in height and eight to ten inches in diameter.

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8.5-9.5''D x 6-7''H






19th Century


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