19th Century Indonesian Antique Copper Vessel

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A lovely antique planter similar in shape to a cauldron, this copper vessel is 15 inches tall at the top of the looped handles and 19 inches in diameter, the bowl portion is 11.5 inches tall. The copper is an incredible brown color marbled with a patina of age and wear. A beautifully rounded and symmetrical body with handles riveted to the outside, while the inside shows the signs of beaten copper, hand crafted texture and patina. Made in Java, Indonesia during the 1800’s this vessel has the symmetry and strength of antique copper of that era, a craft that is slowly disappearing from world culture. The brown tone of the aged copper is perhaps the most alluring trait of this planter, a color that is only found in centuries old patinated copper.

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15.5''H x 19''D




Planter, Vessel


19th Century


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