19th Century French Antique Limestone Table With Iron Base

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An end table size antique that is better used out in the open. The limestone top is porous, contains a nice blend of grey minerals, and has been hand crafted with a three step curved edge. The iron base is decorated in a simple four spiral fashion with a clever twist and loop in the middle that resembles a sewing needle and eye. The stone table top is beautiful and appears to have been used sparingly, and the iron base, while displaying a patina of light rust and wear, is also free from aging ravages and scars of refinishing. Standing at 20 inches tall, the tabletop is roughly 24 inches long and 20 inches wide. The durable nature of the table makes it a natural selection as a garden antique, withstanding of weather and strong enough to support heavy vessels.

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23.5''L x 19.5''W x 20''H