1960’s European Cement Planters

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Purchased in France these chic rectangular tub planters were made circa 1960. They are durable yet thin and not incredibly heavy. Two people could move these planters around easily. The gently embossed top rim and natural patina are two features that make these planters absolutely beautiful. Each one is roughly 28 inches long by 14 inches wide by 20 inches tall. Available individually or as a set of up to 8 while in stock. These planters are styled in the minimalist fashion that was trending in the 1960’s starting in Sweden by Willy Guhl’s innovative use of Eternit fiber cement and becoming wildly popular all over Europe for nearly two decades. As a Garden enthusiast, one will look at these charming planters and fall in love with the the size, shape and color. The patina, a blend of green moss, and black substantiation of garden use, melds with the cement tone to contain shades of grey. Taken as a whole, these vessels are a natural selection for a home or garden because they blend plants and architecture.

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27.5''L x 13.75''W x 19.25''H




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